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Monday, June 18, 2012

balasan rindu

Maafkan aku kerna memenuhkan ruangan ini dgn perasaanku tika ini..
Saja nak kongsi balasan rindu yang aku post sblm ni..
Dear my beloved sister,         

          Forever is a very long time. How is it that people can talk so casually about a concept that we cannot even wrap our minds around? Sometimes we have a friend and we sense that our souls are very closely connected. 
          We know that the connection is above time and space. We know that wherever we are in our lives we will always remain friends. Even if we do not see each other for years we are able to pick up right where we left off. This is what people mean when they say friends forever.

True friends are hard to find
but there you are you came into my life
You came to me in a perfect time
I'm so happy you're a friend of mine
We've been together for so long
in a fantastic place we belong
We shared the mysteries of our life
laughter and tears are seen in our eyes.

We have something that holds us together
Something that made us both better
It makes the fun never end
And it helps me to know that when
I am down and blue
Because you're my friend.

You're with me and I'm with you
you comfort me and I'm comfort you
A part of me becomes apart of you
true friendship I've found you
Yes it's true we're apart
Coz I'm here and you there

But I've Allah to watch you
Be with you all the time.

Adik :)
**semoga sama-sama thabat dalam jalan ini dan dipermudahkan urusan ^^.
[thankz..touched a heart..]
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